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Römisches Forum Waldgirmes e.V.
The roman city at Waldgirmes
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Welcome to the Roman

Forum Lahnau-Waldgirmes

Roman Forum Waldgirmes – Rome's town at the river Lahn

Immerse yourself in the historical backgrounds of the discovery of a Roman town on Germanic territory around the birth of Christ, which is unique so far. You will find lots of information on the excavations since 1993. The presentation is supported by the Förderverein Römisches Forum Waldgirmes e.V. Let us take you into the ancient Waldgirmes of 2,000 years ago with many activities. We also want to prepare the historic site for the future, so that you, your and our descendants will be able to enjoy the unique historical site in its original location. Welcome to a time trip from Antiquity to the future.
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